How To Beat The Designed Temptations In A Casino


In this particular article, I would like to talk about certain things that you may not have any idea about the casino industry and how the design the casinos. Basically, casinos are all designed in a way that would keep the patrons inside. The design language is very similar in most of the casinos because, they want the customers to stay on the casino floor and gamble more. Casinos have a lot of ways of keeping the customers inside. They do not exactly employ any illegal methods. They employ certain methods that would actually work and, they play into design psychology.


  1. You need to be very observant to catch these. Firstly, they do not put any windows on the casino floor, to make it so that the casino floor is its own world. They want to make you lose track of time. They don’t want you to know if it’s night time or daylight. You can always look at your phone for the time, but they do not put in any windows or clocks.
  2. They also pump the casino floor with oxygen, so that you stay on your feet longer. It will end up giving you the energy that you need to gamble. When you gamble, you are helping the casino make a lot of money.
  3. Another very obvious way that casinos want to make you stay longer is that they offer you free alcohol. Free alcoholic drinks are offered by cocktail waiters and waitresses who keep bringing them to you, until you say otherwise. A lot of people take disadvantage of this and get sloppy drunk. Doing this will only embarrass you on the casino floor. That is why, you should stay undeterred and stay sober.
  4. There is a whole system in place when it comes to keeping customers inside.
  5. Another thing that you should always be aware of is the house edge. The house edge is something that will take a cut from every single game and have the edge over you. You can actually beat the system, if you know what you are doing. You need to understand that you cannot beat games of chance. They are games of chance for a reason.
  6. There are people out there who have won millions of dollars, not by card counting or by cheating, but by exploiting the accommodations at the casino gives you.
  7. You need to understand the system, and you need to use math to beat the system.
  8. Another very helpful point here is that if you are on a winning streak, if you have made profits, I suggest you take your profits and walk out as soon as possible. Take your winnings and run immediately.

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